Being a fashion designer who comes from a country like Norway, have taught me how fortunate I am, but also made me aware of the unfairness we see in the rest of the world. Realizing my privilege to be able to study, achieving great knowledge connected to my work, as well as experience and competences. This gives me a great sense of responsibility to not take for granted my privilege in life.


My background as a dressmaker and my studies on how the fashion world works, has given me a great confident to explore and challenge the way we view and make clothes. I thrive on the ability to question the status quo and explore the alternatives; this is what I want to reflect on my work. My interests and studies within the arts have made me see the importance in how creating, trying to connect others to recognize the value of art and culture using clothes as an invitation. 


Being observant and curious has helped me becoming the designer I am today.

My curiosity allows me to search for explanation and never stop question the things I don’t understand. I am observant and I get inspired to try giving an interpretation of my observations into my work. This is the reason why I feel the need to create. I have an urge to present and show ideas and visions I find fascinating or interesting. Being aware of this advantage has given me a great thrive for wanting to share my observations, which has also presented the tools to do so.


I want my work to be about focusing and trying to find creative and cultural ways to accentuate the good qualities with the way we view clothes.

As a designer I feel the need to push boundaries and exploring new ideas, to allow my work to be meaningful and part of something bigger.


It is all about using experience and knowledge as an advantage to focus on exploring and challenging, changing the way we see and are.

Jennie Steen


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